Letter: Moss. VII,210

Letter Moss. VII,210



Letter in Judaeo-Arabic to someone addressed as Sayyidnā, reporting that on Friday, the 24th of Adar I, R. Shemarya al-Kohen went to the market and slaughtered, even after taking a vow that he would have nothing to do (?) with the 'matters of the Jews.' It seems he was encroaching on the rights of the legitimate muqaddam, who may have been ʿUbayd, 'who is recognized by the majority of the Gazans.' There is then an aside about how the Gazans are not very bright (?), and the Tiberians are also mentioned. Abū Kathīr Efrayim b. Meshullam suggested to the writer that he go to the Amir, who said, "you have infringed on the muqaddam who is in charge of you" (four lines from the bottom). The Kohen then defended himself, perhaps claiming that he did not violate his vow. Needs further examination. ASE.