Letter: Moss. VII,191.2

Letter Moss. VII,191.2


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Letter from Yefet b. Menashshe to his brother Abu l-Surūr Peraḥya b. Menashshe. In Judaeo-Arabic. Fragment (left side of recto). Mentions: something that was in the bag (kharīṭā); white giant fennel (? kalkh abyaḍ — see Gerrit Bos et al, Marwān Ibn Janāḥ, nos. 460, 797); a request to purchase 'Judaic stone' (ḥajar al-yahūdī — ibid., no. 363), long pepper (dār filfil), some more commodities which are difficult to decipher (חב כלא? שירכשך?) and seed of the marking nut (ḥabb balādhur). Regards to Abū l-Khayr.