Legal document: ENA NS 2.45

Legal document ENA NS 2.45



Recto: Fragment of a large ketubba in the hand of Ḥalfon b. Menashshe. "The primary purpose of providing a woman with real estate was the creation for her of enduring economic security, which would make her financially independent. This is self-evident in the numerous cases in which a woman possessed more than one piece of property. For example, when a widow (or, less likely, divorcee, l. 10) brings into the marriage, besides a valuable bridal outfit, 'an entire large house in the Fortress of the Candles' (l. 7), another 'large house in the Grand Bazaar opposite the Funduq' (l. 9), and quarter of a house somewhere else (where, not preserved)." Med Soc, III, 326. Verso: Small fragment of a legal document, also in the hand of Ḥalfon b. Menashshe, written on the back of the ketubba, dealing with money which was not included in an inheritance. Beginning of date preserved: 14__ (Seluecid); given the alef after and knowing Ḥalfon's lifetime, this likely dates to the 1440's (1128-1138 CE).

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S. D. Goitein, unpublished editions.


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  1. אל. . .ה ען אלתלתה מואצע אל[
  2. קניא א.כתארדונה באלביע וקבץ אל[
  3. ירושה בעולם ואן ליס לה אלתעלק ב.[
  4. הכשר לקנות בו מעכשו בביטול כל מוד[עין
  5. וגעלתה ברסם כבז ללעניים וכתבת בדל[ך
  6. אלאול מן סיון דשנת אלפא ארבע מאה וא[
  7. גמיע מא יתבקא ממא אברתה מנ[ה
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