List or table: Moss. IX,106.2

List or table Moss. IX,106.2



Mercantile accounts in Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: 11th or 12th century. Recto looks like the handwriting of Nahray b. Nissim. Mentions "al-Ḥākimiyya" (probably referring to Ḥākimī dinars), the wheat of Salāma, Ibn al-ʿUjaylī (cf. Bodl. MS heb. d 66/41), and 1.5 dinars from Ibn Yiju(!?). On verso there are neat lists of commodities and payments ranging from 1/2 dirham to 5 dirhams, maybe in a different hand. Entries include: "charity for the poor/sick" (? צדקה לצעף), something involving bitumen (qifār), rent of a house (כרי בית), another poor or sick person (ḍaʿīf), the shipping for the bitumen, sending a letter with the fayj, the shipping for the oil, the "release" (tafrīj) for the oil, and שפאכין(?). All this is written on top of an earlier account in Arabic script. Not yet digitized.