Letter: Moss. IV,87.2

Letter Moss. IV,87.2



Informal note in Judaeo-Arabic. The writer is aggravated that the addressee has allowed "the two of them" to sit idle all day long, and demands that he put them to work studying the Qānūn (or in a lawful occupation?), and if not, fa-lā ikrāh fī l-dīn (Quran 2:256, but unclear what it means here, maybe simply that they can't be forced). Verso: Unidentified document in Arabic script. Fiscal accounting? Mentions Jawhar al-Muʾayyadī.

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Alan Elbaum, unpublished editions (n.p., 2023).
  1. ב
  2. מא ערפת וגה אלחכמה
  3. פי אגלאסהמא טול אלנהאר
  4. בטאלין הדא תצייע אלעמר
  5. פאן אמכן אלאשתגאל בהמא
  6. עלי אלקאנון ואלא פלא אכראה
  7. פי אלדין ואלסלאם


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