Letter: Moss. IV,38

Letter Moss. IV,38


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Letter from a scribe to a certain Yosef. (The names Yosef and Avraham appear in the address on verso, but the surrounding text is very faded; the letter opens with a verse from Genesis about Yosef and his two sons, and the letter itself blesses the addressee and his two sons.) In Hebrew and Judaeo-Arabic. Written on vellum. Dating: Probably no earlier than 14th century, based on the hand and the names. The letter mentions R. Muvḥar and R. Shemuel b. al-Gati and discusses the copying of a muṣḥaf on parchment. On verso there is a piyyut in the hand of the writer. There is also a second letter in a different hand, in Judaeo-Arabic.