Letter: Moss. II,101.1

Letter Moss. II,101.1


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In PGP since 2020


Late family letter in Judaeo-Arabic sent to Shemuel Ḥalafta in Fusṭāṭ, perhaps from his brother, rebuking him for the lack of letters ("your poor mother's heart is confounded on your account"). Mentions Yaʿaqov al-Gabbay. "Your sister and Munsiyya and Yeḥiel [send their regards]." Regards are sent to [...] al-Ḥāmī, al-Sitt al-Muṣaffa (?), al-talmidim Muhadhdhab and Yehuda, al-Zaqen Abū Pinḥas, al-Shaykh Pinḥas, and Avraham. ASE.