List or table: Moss. Ia,36

List or table Moss. Ia,36



Recto: The title page with illuminated capitals of Sefer Eliyyah Mizraḥi ʿal ha-Torah, printed by Itzik ben Leib Buchbinder in Fürth, 1763. There is an ownership note by Shelomo Ḥazzan, Fusṭāṭ. Verso: In Shelomo Ḥazzan's hand, alongside other jottings and pen trials, a list of "the commentators on the Re'em (=Eliyyah Mizrahi) ZL that I have, BSD." Almost all the titles are identifiable (and available on (1) זרע יצחק by Yizhaq Lumbroso (d. 1752), ZL. (2) מזבח אדמה by Refael b. Shemuel Meyuhas (d. 1771). (3) שדה הארץ by Avraham b. Shemuel Meyuhas (brother of #2, d. 1767). (4) בני יאודה ללמוהר״ע, probably Yehuda ʿAyyāsh (d. 1760). (5) פרי האדמה by Refael b. Shemuel Meyuhas (same as #2); (6) לשון ערומים by Barzilay b. Barukh Jabez (d. 1760). (7) קול יעקב by Yaʿaqov Shaul (d. 1758); (8) זרע אברהם by Avraham Katorza (a student of Lumbroso); (9) זכות אבות (author not named); (10) תועפות ראם by Elyaqim b. Yizhaq Gatenio, published in Izmir in 1762; (11) something בלשונות (author not named); (12) בתי כנסיות probably by Avraham b. Hayyim Yedidyah Ibn Ezra (d. 1760); (13) אהלי יצחק by Yizhaq Bonan. Likely early 19th century. ASE.

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