Legal document: T-S NS J67a + T-S NS J67b

Legal document T-S NS J67a + T-S NS J67b


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Two fragments from the bottom of a very large legal document in the hand of Ḥalfon b. Menashshe ha-Levi (1100–38 CE). Written on parchment. Under the jurisdiction of Maṣliaḥ Gaʾon (1127–39 CE). The case involves Abū l-Ḥasan Mevorakh and the heirs of Abū l-Faraj al-J[ubaylī?] and potentially a woman named Jamāl. The signature of Ḥalfon b. Menashshe is preserved; the document was also signed originally by Natan b. Shelomo ha-Kohen and Avraham b. Shemaʿya. The validation is signed by Elʿazar b. Shelomo ha-Kohen ha-Meʿulle. AA. ASE.