Paraliterary text: T-S K2.107 + T-S NS J609

Paraliterary text T-S K2.107 + T-S NS J609



Qaraite calendar listing the dates of the new moon by observation, along with correspondences between the Qaraite, Rabbanite, and Islamic calendars. The upper fragment preserves entries for Tishrei–Iyyar 1361 Seleucid (=1049/50 CE), and the lower fragment preserves entries for Ḥeshvan–Nisan 1362 Seleucid (=1050/51 CE). The fragment with the intervening five months is missing. Cf. ENA 4010.35 + ENA 4196.15 (PGPID 6803), a related calendar for the years 1045–48 CE. The lower fragment was edited by Gil in his book on the Tustaris. This rotulus was created by gluing together three unrelated earlier fragments with blank versos; see separate records.

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