List or table: T-S NS 37.129

List or table T-S NS 37.129



Account of burial expenses in the hand of Ḥalfon b. Menashshe ha-Levi (1100–38 CE). It seems to have been a grand funeral with 47 dirhams paid to over a dozen cantors and well over 60 dirhams for all the other expenses, including the transport to the desert, the grave digging, the corpse washing, and camphor and cotton. The cantors and other payees include: Abū Sahl, Ibn al-Kāmukhī, [...] b. Yaʿqūb and his brother, Ibn al-Ḥallāl, Fuhayd, Ibn al-Dhabbāḥ, Maʿālī, al-Ḥayfī, al-Baskhār, Isḥāq Ibn al-Sharābī, Shalom al-Sofer, Yosef, the children of al-Kāmukhī, and ʿImrān. AA/ASE