Legal document: T-S NS 342.74

Legal document T-S NS 342.74



Court records in the hand of Ḥalfon b. Menashshe ha-Levi, probably drafts or copies. On recto: mentions partners in silk and a quantity of qinṭārs; then several names or signatures, including Abū l-Faraj Matan(?) ha-Kohen Rosh ha-Qahal b. Hillel Rosh ha-Qahal, and [...] b. Yiṣḥāq ha-Ḥazzan. Then a date: Ṣafar 530 AH = November/December 1135 CE; silk again; and on verso two partners in a tax farm who will produce "official receipts" (wuṣūlāt dīwāniyya) according to the official procedure (חסבמא יחיל בדלך אלדיואן). AA/ASE.