List or table: T-S NS 342.121

List or table T-S NS 342.121



Legal notes in the hand of Ḥalfon b. Menashshe. Maybe a court ledger containing records of sessions, or else notes for drawing up documents. One side lists many names, possibly related to a bill of sale for a slave: Elʿazar b. Yeshuʿa ha-Kohen; a black Nubian female slave named ʿAlam; Natan the father of Abū l-Ḥusayn Moshe; Milāḥ bt. Elʿazar al-Sharābī; something to do with market duties. Another entry may begin with the names Manṣūr b. ʿAbdallāh and Fakhr bt. Moshe. On verso notes for the sale of a house in New Cairo. AA. ASE.