List or table: T-S NS 327.89

List or table T-S NS 327.89

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In PGP since 2019


Three different text blocks. (1) Possibly official accounts, in Arabic script. Looks Ayyubid or Mamluk. (2) Draft of a letter in Arabic script, similar hand as the accounts. (3) Subsequently reused for accounts for minute sums of money in Judaeo-Arabic. Maybe the revenue of a teacher: "Ibrāhīm and his brother, 1 fils; Barakāt, 2 fils; Abū l-Majd, 2 fils; ʿUbayda, 1 fils; Mājid, 1 fils; Makīn, 2 fils; Surūr, 1 fils; Surūr and his brother: 2?"