State document: T-S NS 327.78

State document T-S NS 327.78

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Legal document (iqrār) concerning state finances: if the addendum on verso applies to recto (as it seems to, e.g., "المذكور باطنه"), an official named ʿAfīf is appointing al-Muʿallim Dāʾūd to collect thousands of pounds (of sugar?) and hundreds of dinars from ~5 different fiefs including Damietta, Bārnabāra, Sirsina, and a waterwheel (al-dūlāb al-saʿīd), which will be duly recorded in the makhāzīm of the dīwān of al-muqirr al-ashraf al-karīm al-mawlawī al-sayyidī…. Date doesn’t seem to be preserved. Also mentions Fāris […] and Ibn Thaʿlab. ASE