Legal document: T-S NS 327.132

Legal document T-S NS 327.132


Deed of acknowledgment (iqrār). In Arabic script. Dating: 1127–39 CE, as Abū Manṣur Ṣalaḥ b. Sulaymān the head of the Jews (Raʾīs al-Yahūd), who appears in the antepenultimate and penultimate lines, is probably the Gaʾon Maṣliaḥ b. Shelomo. (JRL Gaster heb. ms 1760/3 provides corroboration that his kunya was Abū Manṣūr.) The muqirr is Abū Muḥammad Saʿd. Other characters are Abū l-Makārim; the wife of Abū l-Maʿālī b. Dhakiyy(?) the Jew who is named Sitt al-ʿAfāf Umm ʿAbdallāh; and a Bū l-Faraj mentioned in the last line. The substance of the legal case is found in ll. 7–9 and remains unclear. There is mention of "collecting their (f.) موىد(?) from/by their (f.) موفا(?)." In the next line, someone is said to "deserve all of the موىد(?) without [...]." Mentions a power of attorney (the wikāla at the beginning of l. 5). A woman (or at least something female) is brought before the Head of the Jews, who attests to her/its legitimacy (awḍaḥa ṣiḥḥatahā ʿindahu). Merits further examination.