Letter: T-S NS 327.127

Letter T-S NS 327.127


Upper part of a letter to a dignitary ('al-sayyid al-fāḍil'). In Judaeo-Arabic. Probably originally a long rotulus. Resembles T-S 20.145 + T-S AS 153.176 + T-S AS 153.177 + T-S 18J5.3 (PGPID 7545) but probably not a join, because the right margin of this fragment is smaller. On verso there is the address in Arabic script: to Abū l-Faḍl b. [...] //Yūsuf// b. Ibrāhīm. The sender does not give his name (شاكر مودته لا عدم . . . ). Underneath there is the first line of a separate letter in Arabic script, probably an exercise, as it is identical with the beginning of the Judaeo-Arabic letter on recto, but with errors (وصل //كتاب// حضرة مولاي الشيخ السيد).