State document: T-S NS 325.169

State document T-S NS 325.169


Petition addressed to the Fatimid caliph based on the raʿy clause towards the end "wa li-mawlāna ṣalawāt Allah ʿalayhi ʿāliya al-raʾy". In a rudimentary or sloppy chancery hand. The beginnings of 12 lines are preserved. At the top: "... al-aʾimma al-ṭāhirīn wa-abnāʾih al-akramīn. Wa-l-ʿabd...." The petitioner asks for an edict to be issued "to the chief judge to investigate" (ilā qāḍī al-quḍāt bi l-kashf) in line 9. In the next line: "... baynahum li-yataḥaqqaq bi-dhālik..." Needs examination. Reused on the same side for Hebrew pen trials (including the name Moshe b. Yiṣḥaq he-Ḥaver and a reference to the Rosh Yeshivat Gaʾon Yaʿaqov) and on recto for a Hebrew literary text.