Legal document: T-S NS 324.47

Legal document T-S NS 324.47



Court record in the hand of Mevorakh b. Natan. Location: Fustat. Dated: first decade of Tammuz 1471 Seleucid = June 1160 CE, under the authority of Netanʾel ha-Levi. In which the agent of Khulla bt. Abū l-Riḍā al-Ṭawwāf sues the perfumer Avraham b. Ṣedaqa al-Ḥinnāwī for the 7 dinars still owed out of an original 10 dinars owed by the latter to her father Abū l-Riḍā. Mentions a compromise mediated by 'the righteous elders' and a smaller sum of 30 dirhams. The lower part is missing. AA/ASE.