Letter: T-S NS 323.8

Letter T-S NS 323.8



A letter sent to the head of the community R. Yehuda, in the second half of the 16th century. The writer is complaining about Yehuda al-Hami with whom he had a quarrel over monetary issue. This al-Hami forged a bill of debt and sue the writer in a Muslim court. He was arrested and released thanks to Moshe al-Damohi (from Dammuh) who was able to make an arrangement between the two parties. Nut this did not stop the case, and a week later Yehuda al-Hami informed the authorizes that the writer's daughter converted to Islam, went to the Upper Galilee and return to Egypt as a Jew. The writer brought to court in front of the judge al-Malafi and was able to be rescued also thanks to Moshe Damohi. The writer is asking for financial assistance and inform that he is going soon to the land of Israel. (Info from FGP by A. David) .