List or table: T-S NS 321.7c

List or table T-S NS 321.7c



Late accounts in Hebrew script that bear Ashkenazi and/or Italqi influence in terms of the paleography. The accounts are titled as "the receipt of Davide Heger" (חשבון של דוידה[?] היגיר). The vocabulary in the document spans at least three languages and perhaps Yiddish in some cases as a fourth language (but further examination is necessary to determine whether that's the case). There is also a phrase in Latin script Italian(?) on the right side of the recto where the name from the heading might be repeated ("di davide __ger?). The accounts list the quantities of a variety of fabric, clothing, and dye products such as: "brocado" (brocade), "funduqī yarōq" ("green hazlenut" dye?), "בגד לבן" (white clothing), "grana morado" (morado=purple), and "גראנא אדום". Although "grana" could also mean "seed," it seems likely that cochineal dye is portrayed in these accounts because in many places the item listed is "גראנא אדום" (red cochineal). Given that this dye was first brought to the Mediterranean region from Spanish New World colonies it is helpful for estimating the dating of this fragment as post-1500 CE. The color "orange" (נאראנהאדו) also appears on the verso in connection with an item "flandres" (פלאנדריש)– perhaps some type of orange fabric produced in Flanders. MCD.