Letter: T-S NS 321.21c

Letter T-S NS 321.21c



Recto: Informal note in Judaeo-Arabic. The sender says that the addressee sent the wrong copy (nuskha) of a liturgical text, but it's for the better, because he never even knew that the addressee had the one that was sent, and he's needed it all year. It seems that the sender will pass the one that he received on to the Kohen. As for the one that was originally requested, it is the maʿamad for the daytime prayers of Yom Kippur. He concludes, "And this is for the price(?) of the nighttime." Maybe the addressee had mistakenly sent him the nighttime prayer and he is enclosing payment? Verso: The response. The sender says that he doesn't have the requested text, but it should be in his grandfather's house, so he will go and look for it. He then refers to some earlier correspondence or communication: "As for what the lord said about Abū l-Riḍā that he does not know אליגאדה(?), I didn't say anything to him more than intimidating him to make him scared."