Legal document: T-S NS 320.126

Legal document T-S NS 320.126



Notes for drawing up legal documents. In Judaeo-Arabic. In the hand of Natan b. Shemuel? On recto: "...the freedwoman (al-maʿtūqa)... and the rest of the furnishings... and the quarter of the... to Sitt al-A[hl?]... the wife of Abū [...]." In the margin: "The giver: Ḥasana bt. Shaʾūl. The [...]: Abū ʿAlī b. al-Ṣabbāgh." Verso includes the details of a deed of sale for a female slave, a black woman named Intijāb. The seller appears to be [...] bt. Ṣadoq, perhaps the wife of Abū l-Faḍl Shela ha-Levi Sar ha-Leviim (who also appears in T-S 10J28.16 in 1157 CE, another slavery-related document). The price is 34.5 (dinars); this is a very large sum, so perhaps there are two slaves being sold (the rest of the line which gives Intijāb's name is effaced). The name of the buyer (al-mushtarī) in the last line might be legible with some effort: Abū l-[...] b. [...].