Legal document: T-S NS 313.8

Legal document T-S NS 313.8



Court record. Dating: probably 11th century. Yiṣḥaq he-Ḥaver and Sahl arrived in Fustat around the same time. Somebody testifies that somebody desecrated the Sabbath somewhere in the Rīf. This testimony was apparently already given in ʿAsqalān, but now the testimony is being disputed. Refers to disembarking from a ship on Friday night. Mentions R. Efrayim he-Ḥaver. The last few lines are quite faded but mention a pesiqa; R. Efrayim again; a sinner; and "the two congregations" (Palestinian and Iraqi). See Goitein and Friedman, India traders, p. 738 note 16 for a discussion of the halakha of disembarking from a ship on the Sabbath. AA/ASE