Letter: T-S NS 304.31

Letter T-S NS 304.31


Letter from the Jewish physician (al-ḥakīm al-yahūdī) Mūsā b. Nāṣir the perfumer (al-ʿaṭṭār), unknown location, to an unkown addressee, in Fustat, in the perfumers' market (Sūq al-ʿAṭṭārīn). In Judaeo-Arabic with the address in Arabic script. Mentions various difficulties; 50 dirhams; a hope that the sender will be free after the holiday to come visit; pious exhortations (so maybe the addressee is a son or a younger relative); something of copper/brass. Greetings to the addressee's sister (Shurūf?) and maternal aunt. Written on Friday, the 43rd of the ʿOmer. Ends with the motto Yeshaʿ Yiqrav. On verso there are also three columns of accounts in Arabic script.