Letter: T-S NS 304.10

Letter T-S NS 304.10



Letter from Abū Sahl Levi (d. 1211), probably in Fustat, to his son Moshe b. Levi ha-Levi (d. 1212), probably in Qalyūb. In Judaeo-Arabic. Faded. Identification of the sender and addressee based on handwriting, names, and typical content. Reports that the two shuqqas have arrived and something to do with two dirhams; that a woman, probably Moshe's wife (bint ʿammak, though could also say 'bayt ʿammak,' the wife of your paternal uncle), told Abū Sahl to tell him that he must pay them 5 dirhams of maintenance every certain period, 'and if not, I will come in and divorce people(?)' (uṭalliq al-nās, maybe a way of saying she'll demand a divorce). Abū Sahl urges his son to pay up, since it is documented (presumably in a legal deed) that he owes this amount (fa-innahā mathbūta ʿalayka), and either he'll pay it of his own free will, or their agent (wakīl) will go out and collect it. Then mentions how Moshe said he had purchased apples and chicken, but this won't count for anything (toward the maintenance), only what he brings in silver or gold. Abū Sahl has held them at bay by promising to write to Moshe about this (וקלת להם אנא ואלדה אכתב לה בהדא ען אמרכם ולא תחרדו קאלו תפצל אכתב ענא ומא נחרד). Mentions that Ṣāfī will not come, but Moshe's mother is traveling to see him because of how worried she is about him. Greetings to various people including al-Shaykh al-Yesod. ASE