State document: T-S NS 301.2

State document T-S NS 301.2



Report. In Arabic script. Headed: al-ʿizza lillāh waḥdahū. Might be a draft, since there are some extra jottings in the same hand around the first few lines of the report. There is also one line in Arabic script on verso. Dating: Likely Ayyubid era based on hand, overall appearance, and typical titles; may mention Rabīʿ I 632 AH, which would be 1234 CE if correctly deciphered (l. 12). From ʿAbdallāh the mushārif al-jawālī (a diwan official—the supervisor of the capitation taxes). He is reporting on something to do with Abū ʿAlī and his brother Ṭāhir (are they jahbadhs?). Underneath the latter's name appears the Greek/Coptic numeral for 70. There is a remaining payment due either of 3 dinars or of 3 dinars every month. At the bottom, the name Hibatallāh b. Bū l-Faraj appears. In the margins and on verso there is Hebrew literary text. Merits much more examination. ASE