Legal document: T-S NS 298.32

Legal document T-S NS 298.32


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Page from a court ledger with some legal documents written by Avraham b. Nathan Av. One of the court records is dated to the year 1099 and deals with items belong to Abu Ya'aqub. The record is starting on verso; left side and there is a reference to אלוף הבינות that is Mevorkah b. Saadya. Signed by [Avraham b. Shma'aya nin] Shma'ayahu Gaon. On the left page of recto a court record between Ma'ali and b. al-Sukari (the sugar maker). Signed by Ishaq b. Sh[muel the Spaniard] together with Avraham who is mentioned above. Verso, right side is written by a different hand regarding Ya'aqov and 'Imran(?). AA