Legal document: T-S NS 297.5

Legal document T-S NS 297.5

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Legal deed. In Arabic script. Dated: Jumādā II 993 AH, which is 1585 CE. A landlord, called only al-Faqīr ilā Allāh, settles accounts with his tenant the Rabbanite Jew Mūsā قبا, for his dwelling in Darb Qaḍīb. Mūsā has unpaid arrears of 150 medins (called "halves of Murādī silver" here, referring to coins minted under Murad III). He pays 30 medins at this time and still owes 120. Henceforth, he will pay 20 medins/month, 14 for the ongoing rent and 6 toward paying off the debt. "The Jewish business partner Hārūn" was also present.