Letter: T-S NS 297.4

Letter T-S NS 297.4



Family letter. In Arabic script. Likely from a woman. The sender and "the girl" (al-ṣaghīra) have arrived safely in the Fayyūm (l. 5). They are settling in magnificently, for "the people of the area honor me and serve me and fulfill all my needs." The happiness is spoiled only by homesickness and longing "for all of the noble sisters" (jamāʿat al-sittāt al-khawāt). Greetings to somebody's mother; a woman's son; Abū Manṣūr ("please kiss his hands for me"); Sitt al-Khafar ("please kiss her eyes for me"); the sender's brother Abū l-Surūr ("kiss his hands"); again Abū Manṣūr; the mother of Muḥammad(?); and again Sitt al-Khafar. The last two lines on verso may be an address, but they are tricky to read. ASE