Letter: T-S NS 297.242

Letter T-S NS 297.242



Letter addressed to Abu l-Khayr(?) b. Ibrāhīm al-[...]. In Arabic script. Dating: 11th or 12th century. Nearly entirely preserved, except for the upper left corner of recto. The letter is a response to the addressee's inquiry about the news of the West (akhbār al-gharb). The first section begins, "As for al-Mahdiyya...." Mentions two ships, one belonging to ṣāḥib al-Mahdiyya (the same title is mentioned in CUL Or.1080 J258) and one to the Byzantines (al-Rūm). Spices (ṣaqaṭ) are selling well, unlike in Almeria. The second section: "As for Tripoli...." Mentions an item of news "which is not hidden from anybody" and "a certain Muslim man" who did something, "and this is the way of the Muslims." The sender then asks to be sent various goods, such as pepper, brazilwood, and rose water. Greetings to various people. The addressee mentioned on verso begins with "ḥaḍra mawlāya al-Shaykh al-Ajal Abī al-Ḥusayn Muḥammad (or Aḥmad) b. Ibrāhīm". Needs further examination.