List or table: T-S NS 297.2

List or table T-S NS 297.2



Bifolio of accounts in Arabic script. Headed with a basmala followed by "in the hand of Abū Naṣr." Listing mainly fabrics and garments (mandīl, niṣāfī, khirqa, thawb, sarāwīl, fūṭa (sometimes specifically maghribī), maqṭaʿ (sometimes specifically siqillī), and something called kārūka / كاروكة (sometimes speficially Kīshī / كيشي / from Kīsh?) along with corresponding figures. Prices are given mainly in malikī dinars (the gold dinar of Yemen minted from 1086 and used till the mid-12th century). Aden is explicitly mentioned on l. 8 of the first page (verso, left side). The term ṣanʿāwiyya (صنعاوية) appears on l. 2 of the last page (verso right side), probably the adjective derived from the city of Ṣanʿāʾ.