Letter: T-S NS 292.9

Letter T-S NS 292.9


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In PGP since 2019


Second folio of an irate letter addressed to a son. In Judaeo-Arabic. Possibly in the hand of the judge Eliyyahu b. Zekharya (and therefore might be addressed to his son Shelomo). Much of recto consists of pious exhortations and learned quotations, and these are also interspersed throughout verso. But there are also some additional details and accusations on verso: "How can you abandon. . . an old, sick man, worn out by communal duties, and a boy and a girl and [...] in my face. . . how have you lost your manliness? . . . as if I were not your father (? ṣāḥibak). . . such behavior is not fitting from you, that you [...] your soul against the one who is the reason for your existence, and that you seek the harm and humiliation of the man who wants to wash your clothing and help you. You have baffled us for 5 months. . . and we have burdened others. . . and you have saddled me with debts. . . the reason for all of this is. . . from your mind. . . . this is what leads to Gehennom, for the beginning of division is [...] and holding onto the ropes of falsehood and raving, namely mockery and recklessness. . . . And peace." AA. ASE.