Legal document: T-S NS 288.230

Legal document T-S NS 288.230



Fragment of a responsum dealing with a quarrel between 4 congregations in one town in Morea, Patras: the Romaniotes, two Sicilian, and the Castilian. The congregations mentioned here is the Castilian. A Greek rabbi from Patras excommunicated some of his rivals. In the middle of the 16th century the Romaniotes separated themselves from the other three and his leader ignored the decisions made by them. When R. Yosef Formon elected as the rabbi in Petras (between 1560-1570) he demanded that the Romaniotes will accept his ruling. It seems that the responsum was written by one of his supporters. For more information see Glick, Responsa of the Sages of the Ottoman Empire, III, 1153-1157 (info from FGP)