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Verso: fragment of a letter in Arabic script. Similar content as recto. Ordering pepper, a raṭl of marjoram (bardaqūsh), a qadaḥ of anise (anīsūn), a qadaḥ of caraway (karāwiyyā), and 'the remainder' white sugar, "so that I can do business in them, working near to the ḍarrābīn, and hopefully on Sunday I'll be with you. And if you have..."

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Alan Elbaum, [digital geniza document edition] (n.p., 2023).
  1. ] فلفل ورطل بردقوش
  2. وقدح انيسون وقدح كراويا
  3. والباقي سكر بياض اشتغل بهم
  4. الى جنب الضرابين اعمل وانا ان شا الله
  5. يوم الاحد عندك وان كان عندك

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