Legal document: T-S NS 264.19

Legal document T-S NS 264.19


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Fragment from the top of a ketubba. Dated: Probably [49]49 AM, which would be 1188/89 CE. The groom is either Shemuel ha-Levi "Beḥir ha-Leviim" or Shemuel's son. The bride is [...] bt. Tiqva known as Abū l-Thanāʾ. The date could also be 4849 AM, but a man named Shemuel ha-Levi "Beḥir ha-Leviim" also appears in T-S 13J5.5 (1204 CE), and the name Abū l-Thanāʾ is more common in the 12th century than in the 11th century. AA. ASE.