Letter: T-S NS 243.71b

Letter T-S NS 243.71b



Letter from Avraham b. Moshe b. Ṣalḥūn to Abū l-Bayān(?) Moshe b. Yishmaʿel al-Kātib fī Dīwān al-Jaysh (i.e., a military administrator). In Hebrew (for the long opening and one address), Judaeo-Arabic (for the body of the letter), and also Arabic script (for the other address). There was probably once a lower portion of the letter that was glued on but which subsequently got torn off. Nothing is preserved of the body of the letter except for greetings. This sender is the addressee of T-S 6J6.16 + T-S NS J312 (PGPID 17131).