Legal document: T-S NS 226.21

Legal document T-S NS 226.21


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Bill of divorce (geṭ). In the hand of Ḥalfon b. Menashshe ha-Levi. Husband: name missing. Wife: Sitt al-Banāt bt. Nuʿmān ha-Kohen. Dated: Tammuz 14[.]3 Seleucid, meaning 1413 (=1102 CE), 1423 (=1112 CE), 1433 (=1122 CE), or 1443 (=1132 CE). ENA 972.4 is another bill of divorce for the same woman, dated 1124 CE, so the most likely date for the current document may be 1122 CE. Recto is signed by [...] b. Shemuel he-Ḥaver and the attestation that the wife received the geṭ on verso is signed by Natan [b. Shelomo?] ha-K[ohen]. AA. ASE.