Legal document: T-S NS 224.28

Legal document T-S NS 224.28


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Legal document in the hand of Ḥalfon b. Menashshe (1100–38). Recto mentions: two orphans, the release of a buyer, a guarantee, Sitt al-Ḥusn, Sitt al-Nasab, Abū l-Faraj, 40 dinars. Verso is probably a draft and mentions: a declaration made by Sitt al-Nasab bt. Shela ha-Kohen in favor of Yeshuʿa known as Nisṭāṭ or Niṣṭās (cf. T-S NS 224.18 + T-S NS 225.25c and T-S 12.174). Recto looks like it could be a join with T-S NS 224.18 + T-S NS 225.25c, but the versos do not much. In any case, they are probably related.