Letter: T-S NS 224.209

Letter T-S NS 224.209


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A small fragment of letter that belong to India Book V. A letter written by Abu Zikri and sent to Abu Said Halfon b. Moshe Trustee of the Yeshiva. This person is unknown and is nit listed in Goitein's cards and not even in the cards of the India book documents. Mahruz, who referred here, is Mahruz b. Ya'aqov who is known from India book documents. In the margins a reference is made for someone who left a year ago, the karim haven't sent any information about him, and he did not arrive to Aydhab. Abu Zikri afraid that this person will stay for two years. It is likely that this person is Halfon Halevi b. Nethanel, who traveled to India, but instead of returning to Egypt after a year he stayed in the East for two years. See India Book IV/A p. 142. AA