Legal document: T-S NS 223.7

Legal document T-S NS 223.7

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In PGP since 2019


Legal testimony. It has elements of a formulary (the protagonists are called only fulāna and fulān), but very specific dates are mentioned as well as the names of four witnesses. Likely a writing exercise in which a student copied a legal document but redacted the names. Supporting evidence for this theory is that all the witnesses' names are in the same hand, and the bottom line is a phrase from the beginning of a letter but with a spelling error. The substance of the legal document is that the witnesses came to the woman's house and she told them that on Thursday when everyone was in the synagogue (באת הכנאסת!) she released a certain man then present from all obligations. Witnesses: Mubārak b. Moshe ha-Aḥbār (ZL) (the unusual Arabic word meaning Kohen? or perhaps meaning Ḥaver?); Meshullam ha-Levi b. Sar Shalom (ZL); Yosef ha-Levi b. Shemuel (ZL); Moshe b. Ṣedaqa (ZL). On verso there are piyyutim. ASE