Letter: T-S NS 223.4

Letter T-S NS 223.4

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In PGP since 2019


Letter from Bū l-Khayr(?) addressed to his father Samʿān al-Iskandarānī, in Fustat, in Qaṣr al-Shamʿ. In Arabic script. Dating: 13th (or perhaps 14th) century, based on the handwriting, spellings, and formulae (of the letter itself and of the marginal jottings). "As for the news about Ibn al-Qabīḥ ("Son of Ugly") the tax collector (al-ḥāshir), may God deliver you from him...." May go on to mention gold hidden in the wall, but needs further examination. Reused for creative pen trials in Hebrew and Judaeo-Arabic and letter writing practice (one of these, in the margin of recto, is written by "Yosef").