Letter: T-S NS 190.21

Letter T-S NS 190.21

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Letter fragment. In Judaeo-Arabic. Dating: Ca. 1107 CE, since Ṣāʿid al-Dimashqī appears also in T-S 13J2.15 from that year. The sender of this letter gives a report about "the stone" (al-ḥajar). He went to Ṣāʿid al-Dimashqī and asked him [...]. Then he went to see Ḥusayn b. Rosh ha-Qahal, who was with a customer of his, and [...]. The sender told Ḥusayn that the stone belonged to Rabbenu [...]. Then they weighed it "without nafaḍ" and it came out to [...]. On verso there is a talmudic discussion written in a similar hand.