Letter: L-G Ar. II.79

Letter L-G Ar. II.79



Petition from a woman named Umm Hilāl bt. Ibn al-Muhandiz the ḥaver, who is living in the synagogue of the Palestinians. In Judaeo-Arabic, with the tarjama in Arabic script at upper left (عبدها ومملوكها وشاكر انعامها ام (ابو؟) هلال). This appears to be a draft or a copying exercise. The scribe's name appears in the right margin : al-ḥ[aver] or al-ḥ[azzan] Natan. She beseeches the addressee (the Head of the Jews?) to declare a ban of excommunication in the synagogue against all those who have taken food belonging to her (flour, wheat, oil, wine), for they have stolen her possessions (raḥl) and cut off her ability to sustain herself. She invokes the Torah and Moshe b. ʿAmram at the end. (Information in part from CUDL.)

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