List or table: T-S NS 154.5

List or table T-S NS 154.5

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The main text on this bifolio consists of instructions about blessings to recite on different occasions (including שככה לו בעולמו upon the sight of beautiful paintings or statues). There are then 3 lines of Arabic script. The first 2 lines are a writing exercise, incorporating all the letters of the alphabet (طرقت شموس فظل ذا جزع *** خبلا حديثك نصه غض). Cf. T-S Ar.30.243 for a similar Arabic exercise, and for the Hebrew equivalent (haqeṣ ʿaṣel). The next line appears to be a jotting of accounts for three different grocery items (the last is lentils), with Greek/Coptic numerals underneath (perhaps 13.5 written each time).

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