State document: T-S NS 113.14

State document T-S NS 113.14



Petition for charity from Bū Bakr b. al-Bābā al-Ṭūrī to an amīr with many titles (including al-isfahsalārī). In Arabic script. Dating: likely Mamluk-era, based on the hand, layout, orthography, and formulae. Reused for a Hebrew piyyuṭ attributed to Yosef Qalʿī (probably the 13th-century Qaraite poet Yosef b. Yaʿaqov of Chufut Kale, Crimea; identification from Shivtiel and Niessen). There are two more undeciphered lines of Arabic script at upper left, in a different hand, potentially the response to the petition.