State document: T-S NS 110.6

State document T-S NS 110.6



State document in Arabic script. Letter/report also containing accounts about shipments made on specific dates. Several names of ships (mainly state-owned), and state officials are mentioned. "al-ʿushārī al-maʿrūf bi l-amīr", "al-amīr Farkh al-Karāʿī", and markab al-dīwān al-wazīrī". All of the ships seem to be transporting harvest from [Mit] Damsīs on the Nile (l11), "wa-fī l-markab jamīʿan al-ghalla".There is a ḥamdala and a ṣalwala at the bottom. Dating: late-Ayyubid or early Mamluk based on paleography. Reused on the other side for Hebrew literary text. Needs examination.