State document: T-S NS 110.14 + T-S NS 277.168 + T-S K6.33

State document T-S NS 110.14 + T-S NS 277.168 + T-S K6.33


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A fiscal document, one of several state documents recycled by ʿEli b. Yeḥezqel ha-Kohen, active in Jerusalem, d. ca. 1055, social services officer (parnas) of the Jerusalem Rabbanite community, a correspondent of Efrayim b. Shemarya. Other of his recycled texts include T-S NS 109.34, T-S NS 110.6, T-S NS 199.154, T-S NS 277.168, BL Or. 5557B.19, T-S 8H22.18, T-S H5.11, T-S H7.25, T-S K6.33, T-S Misc. 10.32, T-S NS 109.34, Moss. IV,383.1. Signed documents in his name: T-S 13J36.6, writing from Ramla to Eli ha-Kohen b. Yahya, before 1071 (the head of the yeshiva is referred to as still residing in Jerusalem); T-S 10J29.5, a letter from Jerusalem; see Goitein for five letters of Eli I ha-Kohen b. Ezekiel sent through ʿUmar b. Yusuf and son(s) to a postal agency in Old Cairo, called three times "al-Ḥusayn b. Ṭāhir," and twice "Najāʾ b. al-Ḥusayn al-Anṣārī and Tamim b. Najāʾ"

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