State document: T-S Misc.8.67 + Halper 465

State document T-S Misc.8.67 + Halper 465



Two fragments from the middle and bottom of a petition to a vizier. Dating: likely 1051–62 CE, as Daniel b. ʿAzarya seems to be Gaʾon or at least in a position of communal leadership at the time of the document (the petition involves him, discontent against his 'headship' (riyāsa), and the Qaraite community). If it dates to 1058 or earlier, then it is probably addressed to al-Yāzūrī, the vizier of al-Mustanṣir from 1050 to 1058. Excerpts from T-S Misc.8.67: "...the Jews, in accordance with that which is known of him and is famous(?) of his... laypeople (aqwām min al-ʿāmma) [met] with your excellence who were spurred to write, including him and those who help him there... obstruction of joining the noble procession (? al-taʿarruḍ li-liqāʾ al-mawkib al-saʿīd) and raising up petitions (rafʿ riqāʿ) with the opposition of the [opposers against] Daniel b. ʿAzarya al-Dāʾūdī, for most people are not content with him, and the sect of the Qaraites (ṭāʾifat al-qaraʾiyyīn)... in the headship (bi-l-riyāsa)...." The addressee is asked to intervene in favor of "the Davidite" (=Daniel b. ʿAzarya) and to strengthen his position, "so that the slaves' situation will flourish and the estrangement and causes of conflict will disappear from among them," etc. Ends with ḥamdala and ḥasbala. Needs examination. (Join: Yusuf Umrethwala).

Halper 465 p. 2

p. 2


Marina Rustow, Alan Elbaum and Yusuf Umrethwala, unpublished editions (n.p., 2023).


  1. . . . ها فيها في كف القوم الذين قد ذكر رجالهم عما يعتمدون وقصرهم [
  2. عنه والامر بالشد من الـداوودي وتقوية يده ومنته وتنفيذ كلمته
  3. لـيستثمر بذلك حال العبيد وتزول من بينهم الوحشة واسباب الخلاف
  4. ويجري امرهم على ما يؤدي  الى المصلحة والسداد 
  5. ولحضرة الوزارة السامية ادام الله سلطانها وحرس ايامها علو رايها فيما يامر به  
  6. لا زالت عالية الامر في اجابة العبيد الى ملتمسـهم والاحسان بذلك لهم ان شا الله   
  7. والحمد لله وهو حسب من توكل عليه 


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