List or table: T-S Misc.36.137

List or table T-S Misc.36.137

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List of names with corresponding sums of money. Likely contributors to charity. Dating: First half of the 11th century (or late 10th century), per Goitein (index card #19747). Most of the names have check marks next to them. Written on a very tall piece of paper, in a neat square hand. Names include: Avraham al-Kharīdī (dealer in unperforated pearls); Moshe b. Ghulayb; ʿAṭāʾ b. Muʾammal; David and Masʿūd b. Mevorakh; Yaʾir b. Aharon; Mevorakh b. Yaʾir; Sar Shalom b. Efrayim; Yosef b. Shuʿayb; Yefet b. Sahlān; Khalaf b. ʿAlī; Menaḥem b. Baqāʾ; David b. Shemarya; Yefet b. ʿAmram; Yaʿaqov b. Saʿīd; Raḥamūn b. Yaʿaqov; Yefet b. Hillel; Maymun b. אשמעאי; Yeshuʿa b. Ghulayb; and many more, some quite unusual. On verso there is also a note in Judaeo-Arabic stating that Abū Saʿīd owes half a dirham. There are various kinds of pen trials at the bottom of verso. Compare T-S NS 320.62. The second folio of this shelfmark is unrelated.

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